What's Happening?

At Nevill's Chapel, we believe a healthy Church is an active Church. Take a look at our many opportunities to volunteer, to participate in social events, and to take part in learning and growing together.

Don't Miss Our Coming Events:


  • Senior Sunday
    Sun, May 16
    Nevill's Chapel Baptist Church
    We Really are proud of our Seniors and today we set aside some time to honor them and their accomplishments!
  • Texas Spring Camp
    Mon, Jun 07
    Pine Springs Camp
    We are so blessed to be able to take our youth to a Summer Camp. Where there learn about God, team work and just good old fashion fun!
  • Ark Encounter
    Sun, Jul 11
    Mount Pleasant
    Take a trip with us to the Ark Encounter! Its a real size replica of the Actual Ark. It is a true site to see!!!!
More Events Coming Up:
Graduation Day
Texas Spring Camp
Ark Encounter
Throwing Caps
Happy Kids Huddle
Children Reading the Holy Bible
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