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Finding Inspiration from God in Every Turn

Our Missionaries have committed their lives  to serving the Lord. They are sent by our Church to share the Gospel to the whole world, whether it is in the country or outside the country. These Missionaries need our prayers and our support. Pleas take a minute to learn something about them and their ministry.

Meet our Missionaries

Maness Family

Dever Family

George Dever_edited.jpg

Williamson Family

Williamson Family_edited.jpg

Other Missionaries we Support

ABA Chaplaincy

Bill Johnson

Brandon Jones

Brandon Rutherford

Brant Lane

Brent Rosendal

Chase Reynolds

Damien Austin

David Shockey

David Smith

Don Vestal

Ernie & sissy Hopper

Gary Weidenbach

Glen Knight

Holly Couch

Eddie Williams

Homeless Outreach

Kelvin Gunnels

James Taylor

Juan Gallegos

Julie Schoeff

Kevin Cooper

Kunihiko Oba

Macedonian Missionary Service

Michael Ryan

Paul Lamb

Regina White

Ricki Boyle

Roy Schneider

Russell Night 

Rusty Denny

Shawn Welchman

Steve Haney

The Mattingly Family

TransWorld Radio

Pine Springs Baptist Camp

Titus County Cares

Travis Robinson

Travel Fund:

Todd Ward

Brant Lane

Paul Lamb

Terry Molden

World Missions Seminar

American Baptist Association

Texas Baptist Institute

Missionary Baptist Association of Texas

Texas Mission Builders

Interstate Mission Development

Texarkana Baptist Orphanage

Heritage Baptist Inst.

Mexican Baptist Inst.

Macedonian Medical Missions

Terry Molden

Matthew Thompson

Philippine Mission Development

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